Data API Help




Query method Parameters
  1. Choose format type
  2. Date Range - Amount of time back (integer and character) or timeframe (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) to gather data
  3. Select Category Type or Sensor ID(s)
  4. Click Submit to get data

Direct URL



  • /dataAPI/retrievedata.php?format=cvs&bytype=category&cid=1&bydate=back&timeunits=31d
  • /dataAPI/retrievedata.php?format=xml&bytype=sensor&sids[]=100&bydate=back&timeunits=2w
  • /dataAPI/retrievedata.php?format=json&bytype=sensor&sids[]=100&sids[]=101&bydate=range&tstart=2016-01-28 20:01:00&tend=2016-05-30 20:01:00
parameter type default description
format string tsv Specify the output format.
  • format=tsv
  • format=csv
  • format=xml
  • format=html
  • format=json
bydate string back

Choose a way to limit the data by date

  • Number of timeunits back to gather data
  • Requires 'timeunits=' param
  • Limit data between two dates
  • Requires both start & end dates with 'tstart=' & 'tend=' params

  • timeunits
integer & char 1d

Limit amount of time to include before the current time

Requires 'bydate=back' param

The prefix integer is the amount and the following character is the unit of time (days, weeks, months, years)


  • timeunits=3 d data from the last three days
  • timeunits=2weeks data from the last two weeks

  • tstart
  • tend
date-time null Limit to data on or after the specified start time and on or before the specified end time.

Requires 'bydate=range' param

tstart=yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm&tend=yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm

sortasc boolean false

Order results by date.

  • sortasc=0 False: Most recent date on top
  • sortasc=1 True: Earliest data on top
bytype string null Select the how to identify records. The allowed values are:
  • bytype=category

    Use the category ID to get data over multiple sensors. Set with 'cid=' param.

  • bytype=sensor

    Use to select a single sensor. Set with 'sids[]=' param.

  • cid
integer null

Select the specific category ID.

Requires 'bytype=category' param

  • sids[]
integer null

Select sensor ID(s) to collect data.

Requires 'bytype=sensor' param

rate boolean false Include ratings for sensor with an accompanying rating table.
  • rate=0 False: Do not include rated values
  • rate=1 True: Add column with rated values
precip boolean false

Include period rainfal for precipitation sensors.

Requires 'precipstep=' param

  • precip=0 False: Do not change precipitation values
  • precip=1 True: Change preciptiation values to show data over period
  • precipstep
string 1h

Total rainfall over for every period

The prefix integer is the amount and the following character is the unit of time (days, weeks, months, years)

Requires 'precip=' param


  • precipstep=1days data from the last day
  • precipstep=6m data from the last six months

  • eventime
boolean 0

Show pecipitation steps to the nearest hour.

The prefix integer is the amount and the following character is the unit of time (days, weeks, months, years)

  • eventime=0 False: Set precipitation steps to the earliest and latest times
  • eventime=1 True: Change preciptiation values to show data over period

Examples: when pulling data at 4:37pm with a precipstep of 12 hours

  • eventime=1 precip time grouped by either 05:00pm or 05:00am
  • eventime=0 precip time grouped by either 12:00am or 12:00pm

List of Sensors By Category

Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
0U. Penitencia at Dorel- Radar-High Flow Only001
1445Guadalupe River at Alamitos Fish Ladder- Low Flow Only37.246852874756-121.869926452641
1450Upper Penitencia Creek below Mabury- Low Flow Only37.371725-121.8614921
1451Mabury Diversion- Low Flow Only001
1456Hale Creek below Magdalena Court37.358940124512-122.099807739261
1459Permanente Creek at Rancho San Antonio - High Flow Only37.332955-122.0883371
1460Adobe Creek at Middlefield- High Flow Only-Out of Service37.422370910645-122.110519409181
1463Thompson Creek at Quimby Rd.- High Flow Only37.32362-121.8078791
1467West Little Llagas Creek at Edmundson Ave- High Flow Only001
1477Calabazas Creek at Wilcox School - High Flow Only37.365283966064-121.987106323241
1479Alm-Cal Cnl at Flume001
1484Lower Silver Creek at San Antonio Rd001
1485Canoas Creek at Almaden Exp.- Stage Only37.288520812988-121.881164550781
1486Haskins Soil Moisture Probe101
1487Alm-Cal Cnl Bertram (Alarm Only)001
1489Upper Penitencia Creek at Piedmont Rd37.390598297119-121.842979431151
1490Los Gatos Creek below Lexington Reservoir37.218933105469-121.985244750981
1491Upper Silver Creek at Yerba Buena- High Flow Only37.295749664307-121.807861328121
1492Los Gatos Creek at Lark Ave001
1494Los Gatos Creek at Lincoln Ave001
1498Coyote Creek at Madrone37.168483734131-121.649520874021
1502Lower Silver Creek at Ocala Ave- (Gage removed)001
1504Guadalupe at Tasman (Gage Removed)001
1506Guadalupe River at Montague Expressway- Stage Only37.395332336426-121.940193176271
1523West Permanente Creek below Deer Farm- High Flow Only37.331944-122.0994441
1525Uvas at Luchessa (Flows over 50 cfs)-out-508636.992496490479-121.573501586911
1531Guadalupe River at Gold St- Stage Only001
1533Guadalupe River at Hwy 101- Stage-ALERT Out of service001
1534Guadalupe at Trimble001
1537Matadero at Waverly001
1538U. Penitencia at Dorel- Radar-High Flow Only001
1540Calabazas Creek at Rainbow Drive- High Flow Only001
1541Almaden-Calero Canal at Calero Reservoir37.180595-121.7912361
1542Guadalupe Creek below Guadalupe Reservoir001
1544Alamitos Creek below Almaden Reservoir37.168605804443-121.828292846681
1546Calero Creek below Calero Reservoir37.186122894287-121.793075561521
1547El Camino Stormdrain- Stage Only37.368602752686-121.9969253541
1548Upper Penitencia Creek at Dorel Dr- Low Flow Only37.395233154297-121.828147888181
1549Permanente Creek at Berry Ave- High Flow Only37.361498-122.0868911
1550Masson Fish Ladder- Low Flow Only37.233254-121.8989431
1878San Francisquito Ck. nr. Stanford - Stage Only001
2001Alamitos Evap Station001
2050San Tomas Creek above Williams Rd37.30655670166-121.964103698731
2054Los Gatos Creek below Kirk Dam- Low Flow Only001
2056Coyote Creek at E. William- High Flow Only37.336986541748-121.868286132811
2058Ross Creek at Cherry Ave37.263134002686-121.886772155761
2060Coyote Creek at Hwy 237- Stage Only001
2076Coyote Inflow-USGS-Out001
2086Llagas Creek at Southside Dr- Stage Only001
5001Upper Penitencia Creek at Piedmont Ave.37.3906-121.8429811
5007Coyote Creek at Coyote Ranch Road (Low Flow Only)37.218009-121.7405611
5010Fisher Creek at Monterey Rd.37.222461-121.7464941
5012Coyote Creek bl Coyote Reservoir(USGS)37.12306-121.55171
5013Calero Creek below Calero Reservoir37.186122894287-121.793075561521
5014Almaden-Calero Canal at Calero Reservoir001
5015Almaden-Calero Canal at Almaden Reservoir37.166572-121.8277791
5016Alamitos Creek below Almaden Reservoir37.168611-121.8283331
5017Guadalupe Creek below Guadalupe Reservoir37.199615478516-121.881607055661
5018Golf Creek at McAbee Rd37.220824-121.8765081
5019Vasona Inflow001
5021Ross Creek at Blossom Hill37.235048-121.9524931
5022Canoas Creek at Dow Drive37.280269-121.8689811
5023Guadalupe River above Almaden Expressway37.280822-121.8798491
5024San Tomas Creek above Williams001
5025Saratoga Creek at Pruneridge - High Flow Only37.331051-121.9888471
5026Calabazas Creek at Wilcox School-High Flow Only37.365263-121.9871721
5031Calabazas Creek at Rainbow Drive-High Flow Only37.300708-122.02670281
5032Permanente Creek at Berry Ave- High Flow Only37.361498-122.0868911
5033Hale Creek below Magdalena Court001
5035Stevens Creek above Hwy 85 near Central Ave37.395177-122.068941
5043Guadalupe Creek off Hicks Rd.37.217531-121.9104441
5044Stevens Creek below Stevens Creek Reservoir37.306155-122.0732381
5045Stevens Ck. above Stevens Creek Reservoir (Subject to Swimmers Dams)37.27952-122.07371
5047Kirk Ditch at Head37.260299-121.9557231
5048Alamitos Creek above Almaden Reservoir37.157705-121.843521
5050Los Gatos Creek at Lincoln Ave.37.263135-121.8867721
5051Ross Creek at Cherry Ave37.263134-121.8867721
5052Uvas Creek at Heritage Way- Reservoir Spillway Flows37.053803-121.6620641
5053Upper Page Ditch at Head001
5058Coyote Creek at Edenvale37.270964-121.7977221
5059Los Gatos Creek at Lark Ave37.251832-121.96451
5060Uvas Creek at Miller Ave - Flow below 100 cfs only36.998847-121.5851941
5061Uvas Creek at Uvas Road37.102278-121.7244731
5062Los Gatos Ck. above Lexington Reservoir37.167849-121.9806041
5063Lower Silver Creek at San Antonio Rd.-High Flow Only001
5064Berryessa Creek at Calaveras Blvd-High Flow Only37.432994-121.8922621
5065Little Arthur Creek at Redwood Retreat Rd.001
5067Los Gatos Creek below Lexington Reservoir37.218933-121.9852451
5069Llagas Creek below Chesbro Reservoir37.114472-121.6910491
5070Alamitos Creek at Graystone37.222492-121.8507691
5072Mabury Diversion- Low Flow Only37.371725-121.8614921
5073Canoas Creek at Almaden Expressway001
5074Sunnyvale East Channel above Hwy 10137.394555-122.0103731
5075Thompson Creek at Quimby Rd.-High Flow Only001
5077Coyote Ck above Coyote Reservoir - USGS37.07778-121.493331
5078Bodfish Creek at Whitehurst Rd37.004339-121.6671831
5080Llagas Creek above Chesbro Reservoir37.148441-121.7681851
5082Coyote Creek at Madrone37.168517-121.6495151
5083Upper Penitencia Creek at Dorel Dr.37.395234-121.8281741
5084Uvas Creek below Uvas Reservoir37.064916-121.6884781
5085Llagas Creek at Southside Dr. - USGS36.9875-121.526121
5086Uvas Ck ab W. Luchessa Ave - High Flow Only-over 100 cfs36.992517-121.5735131
5087Upper Penitencia Creek below Mabury37.371725-121.8614921
5088Guadalupe River at Alamitos Fish Ladder- Low Flow Only37.246852874756-121.869926452641
5089Coyote Ck below Coyote Perc. Pond-Low Flow Only37.234861-121.7608021
5090Coyote Ck Perc. Pond-Stage Only37.23487-121.760491
5092Upper Silver Creek at Yerba Buena- High Flow Only37.2958-121.8081
5096Saratoga Creek at Saratoga - USGS37.25443-122.0395751
5097Coyote Creek at Hwy 237 - USGS37.42222-121.926381
5100Lower Penitencia Creek at Machado Ave - High Flow Only37.422065-121.9068521
5101Matadero Creek above Lambert Ave-High Flow Only37.421634-122.1354541
5104Alamitos-Calero Canal @ Twin Pipes001
5109Guadalupe River at Highway 101 - USGS37.373564-121.9331881
5111Guadalupe River at Gold Street-Stage37.422291-121.975671
5112San Francisquito Creek at Stanford Univ.001
5114Masson Fish Ladder- Low Flow Only37.233254-121.8989431
5116Kirk Dam (Stage Only)001
5117West Little Llagas Creek at Edmundson Ave.-High Flow Only37.111665-121.6438321
5118East Little Llagas at Church Ave-High Flow Only37.073284-121.5849971
5119Los Gatos Creek below Kirk Dam-Low Flow Only37.261793-121.9543241
5120Permanente Ck at Rancho San Antonio001
5121W Permanente Ck Blw Deer Farm001
5122San Tomas at Mission Ave. - High Flow Only37.388889-121.9686111
5125Adobe Creek at Foothill College-High Flow Only37.358125-122.1282271
5127Coyote Ck. at Berryessa37.368054-121.8809511
5133Test Station001
5135Adobe Creek below El Camino Real-High Flow Only37.408392-122.1176541
5136Berryessa Creek at Cropley Ave - High Flow Only37.416468-121.8557171
5137Pond A8001
5138Guadalupe River at Alma Ave001
5139Llagas Creek bl Santa Teresa Blvd001
5140Lake Silveira001
5141Llagas Creek bl Lake Silveira001
5143Pacheco Creek ab Pacheco Reservoir001
5144Pacheco Creek bl Pacheco Reservoir001
5145Pacheco Creek nr Bell Station001
5146McKelvey Pump Station001
5147Calero Ck ab Calero Reservoir37.177032-121.7610681
5148Guadalupe Cr ab Guadalupe Res.37.18366-121.871861
5149Sunnyvale East bl Caribbean Dr37.418056-122.0028611
5199Calero Inflow37.177032-121.7610681
7040Palo Alto Flood Basin-Stage Only37.455647-122.1011451
9999Dummy sensor for testing45-1221
50651Little Arthur Creek - Bubbler001
50831Upper Penitencia at Dorel Radar37.395234-121.8281741
100052Alamitos Pond Diversion Lvl37.246111615-121.8719145431
100055Alamitos Pond Diversion SfcLvl37.246111615-121.8719145431
100056Alamitos Pond Diversion Surcharge37.246111615-121.8719145431
150100Coyote Creek abv Coyote Reservoir37.077777777777776-121.493333333333331
150120Coyote Creek bl Coyote Reservoir37.12306-121.55171
Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
1453City of San Jose (6131)37.349563598633-121.904380798342
1454Maryknoll Fields (6144)37.332221984863-122.080833435062
1457Trappers Trail (6142)37.34611129760742-122.180831909179692
1461Edmundson Ave (6143)37.111392974854-121.644142150882
1465Canada de los Osos (6145)37.037498474121-121.420829772952
1471Westwind Community Barn (6147)37.365799-122.159182
1500Rancho San Antonio Park (6140)37.33000183105469-122.118057250976562
1503Morgan Hill RF 136002
1508Castro Valley (6015)36.958431243896484-121.604705810546882
1509Valley Christian (6077)37.239463806152-122.070114135742
1510Stevens Creek (6100)37.28751754760742-122.07873535156252
1511West Yard (6108)37.30821990966797-121.994377136230472
1512Mt Hamilton (6067)37.348651885986-121.630142211912
1513Calero Watershed (6128)37.16970443725586-121.75742340087892
1514Curtner Ranch (6023)37.467124938964844-121.877624511718752
1515Mountain View (6121)37.394256591796875-122.059707641601562
1516Evergreen (6132)37.298686981201-121.757041931152
1517Biel Ranch (6008)37.467155456543-121.530876159672
1518Shanti Ashrama (6098)37.308494567871094-121.471496582031252
1519Coit Ranch (6018)37.15058898925781-121.419624328613282
1521Sunnyvale WTP (6048)37.355289459229-122.059364318852
1524Rinconada WTP (6079)37.255252838134766-121.982597351074222
1526Guadalupe (6123)37.1899299621582-121.891975402832032
1527Vasona Pump (6125)37.258674621582-121.959892272952
1528West Little Llagas (6139)37.135669708252-121.671585083012
1529Church Ave Perc Ponds (6134)37.06863021850586-121.597099304199222
1530Uvas Canyon County Park (6135)37.0847282409668-121.792182922363282
1551Palm Ave (6141)37.171112060546875-121.727500915527342
1868San Bruno Mt (San Mateo)002
1876Huddart Park (SMC)-615037.439716339111-122.288909912112
1880Los Trancos (SMC, 6146)37.326511383057-122.180641174322
1884Saratoga Gap002
1885San Mateo002
1889Windy Hill (JPA) 614837.35799407959-122.239906311042
1890Wunderlich (JPA) 614937.357994-122.239906311042
2053Guadalupe Slough (6016)37.45333480835-122.032058715822
2057Uvas Reservoir (6104)37.06549835205078-121.68881988525392
2065Alamitos (6001)37.247108459472656-121.870643615722662
2066Johnson Ranch (6036)37.220951080322266-121.931190490722662
2067U.T.C (6102)37.23379135131836-121.690513610839842
2068Banjo Point (6138)37.195983886719-121.984779357912
2069Haskins Ranch (6034)37.39568328857422-121.765296936035162
2070Penitencia WTP (6099)37.39820098876953-121.835159301757812
2071Cow Ridge (6127)37.2689208984375-121.613166809082032
2072Loma Prieta (6044)37.11088180541992-121.844276428222662
2073Anderson Reservoir (6041)37.164562225342-121.626968383792
2075Coyote Reservoir (6021)37.115146636963-121.550315856932
2079Coe Park (6017)37.18645477294922-121.546295166015622
2080Almaden (6004)37.15724182128906-121.844429016113282
2081Mount Umunhum (6069)37.158260345459-121.906417846682
2099Palo Alto (6129)37.455562591552734-122.100601196289062
6021Coyote Reservoir Precip37.1193390685-121.5495445972
6143Edmundson Ave002
6147Westwind Barn Precip0352
6151Pacheco Reservoir Precip35-1102
20001Pulgas Raingauge (CDEC)37.475-122.2982
20002La Honda Raingauge (CDEC)37.3053-122.25392
20003Las Cumbres Raingauge (CDEC)37.208-122.0632
20004Schuliies Road Raingauge (CDEC)37.133-121.9672
20005Burrell Station (CDEC)37.133-121.9672
20006Ormsby Road Raingauge (CDEC)37.0669-121.8242
20007Mt Hamilton Raingauge (CDEC)002
20008Diablo Canyon Raingauge (CDEC)37.329-121.3022
20009Poverty Raingauge (CDEC)37.443056-121.7705562
Water Temperature
Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
1452Penitencia Creek Water Temperature-0010
8001Penitencia Creek below Mabury Temperature0010
8002Coyote Ck below Perc Pond Water Temperature0010
8003Uvas Outflow Water Temperature (Malfunctioning)0010
8004Masson Fish Ladder Water Temp0010
8006Lake Silveira Water Temp0010
8007Pacheco Inflow Water Temp0010
8008Pacheco Ck nr Bell Station Water Temp0010
8009Pacheco Outflow0010
8010Guadalupe Creek off Hicks Rd.-Water Temperature0010
8011Guadalupe Creek below Guadalupe Reservoir-Water Temperature0010
8012Stevens Ck Outflow - Water Temperature0010
100054Alamitos Pond Diversion Temp37.246111615-121.87191454310
102001Alamitos Evap Station (Water Temp)0010
Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
5134Masson Pipeline Flowmeter-Local and/or Imported flows37.234786-121.89570313
7010Bear Creek at Sand Hill Rd (JPA - High Flow)37.40993-122.2417813
7020Los Trancos at Arastradero Rd (JPA - High Flow)37.38312-122.1929513
7030Searsville Lake Outflow (JPA - High Flow)37.40721-122.2379313
15010Coyote Creek abv Coyote Reservoir37.077777777777776-121.4933333333333313
15012Coyote Creek bl Coyote Reservoir37.12306-121.551713
15077Coyote Ck ab Coyote Reservoir - USGS0013
15085Llagas Creek at Southside Dr. - USGS0013
15096Saratoga Creek at Big Basin Way (USGS)0013
15097Coyote Creek at Hwy 237 - USGS0013
15101Matadero Ck at Palo Alto - USGS0013
15109Guadalupe River at Highway 101 - USGS0013
15112San Francisquito Ck at Stanford Univ - USGS0013
200050Guadalupe Rvr Abv Almaden Fcst No QPF37.280822-121.87984913
200051Guadalupe Rvr Abv Almaden Fcst NWS QPF37.280822-121.87984913
Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
1532Stevens Creek ab HWY 85000
2074Coyote Reservoir0020
2090Almaden Reservoir0020
2092Guadalupe Reservoir0020
2094Calero Reservoir0020
4001Almaden Reservoir37.164598-121.82813320
4002Anderson Reservoir37.164821-121.62631520
4003Calero Reservoir37.183065-121.7927620
4004Chesbro Reservoir37.1166945208-121.69327994120
4005Coyote Reservoir37.115583-121.55031320
4006Guadalupe Reservoir37.1981-121.87956520
4007Lexington Reservoir37.2014664631-121.9889036120
4008Pacheco Reservoir0020
4009Stevens Creek Reservoir37.298746-122.07683320
4010Uvas Reservoir37.064333-121.69220920
4011Vasona Reservoir37.2469984063-121.96586832320
204001Almaden Reservoir Random37.164598-121.82813320
204002Anderson Reservoir37.164821-121.62631520
204003Calero Reservoir Random37.183065-121.7927620
204004Chesbro Reservoir Random37.1166945208-121.69327994120
204005Coyote Reservoir Random37.115583-121.55031320
204007Lexington Reservoir Random37.2014664631-121.9889036120
204009Stevens Creek Res Random37.298746-122.07683320
204010Uvas Reservoir Random37.064333-121.69220920
204011Vasona Reservoir Random37.2469984063-121.96586832320
Sensor ID Sensor Name Latitude Longitude SensorType
100001Stevens Creek Dam Outletxxxxxx30
100051Alamitos Pond Diversionxxxxxx30
100061Calero Creek Turnoutxxxxxx30
100111Bailey Turnout into Calero Reservoir - Low Flowxxxxxx30
100161Bailey Turnout into Calero Reservoir - High Flowxxxxxx30
100211Almaden Valley Pipeline from Calero Reservoirxxxxxx30
100261Almaden Valley Pipeline to Calero Reservoirxxxxxx30
100311Lexington Reservoir 54-inch Outletxxxxxx30
100361Lexington Reservoir 8-inch Outletxxxxxx30
100411Vasona Dam Outletxxxxxx30
100461Page Turnout Releasexxxxxx30
100511Kirk Turnout Releasexxxxxx30
100561906 Turnout to Los Gatos Creekxxxxxx30
100611Local and imported flow into Los Capitancillosxxxxxx30
100621Guadalupe Turnout from Almaden Valley Pipelinexxxxxx30
100671Anderson Reservoir 12-inch Polyjetxxxxxx30
100721Anderson Reservoir 30-inch Polyjetxxxxxx30
100771Anderson Force Main From Anderson Reservoirxxxxxx30
100821Anderson Force Main To Anderson Reservoirxxxxxx30
100871Anderson Reservoir Hydroelectric Facility Outletxxxxxx30
100921Coyote Reservoir 6-inch Outletxxxxxx30
100971Coyote Reservoir 48-inch Outletxxxxxx30
101021Uvas Reservoir Transfer and 36-inch outlet pipexxxxxx30
101071Uvas-Llagas Transfer Pipeline 12-inchxxxxxx30
101081Uvas-Llagas Transfer Pipeline 36-inchxxxxxx30
101091Uvas Reservoir 2-inch Outletxxxxxx30
101101Santa Clara Conduit Turnout Flows to Main Ave Pipelinexxxxxx30
101111Main Ave Pipeline Flow to Main Ave Pondsxxxxxx30
101121Santa Clara Conduit Turnout Flow to Madrone Pipelinexxxxxx30
101131Madrone Pipeline Flow to Madrone Channelxxxxxx30